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About our CEO/Founder

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CEO & Founder, Markita Weston is a Memphis, TN native and began her women's advocacy work in Milwaukee, WI in 2009.

She holds an Associate Degree in Anesthesia from Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) and a second Associate Degree of Applied Science in Medical Office Management from Kaplan University. She is a Certified Life Coach (ICF), Author and Licensed Minister.  Her certifications include trainings in:

  • Basic Life Support

  • (IV) Intravenous



  • Early Childcare I & II  

Weston' s passion for growth and leadership in women's mental health and development embodies her core principles. Her fearless and innovative concepts to strengthen women and the communities they serve are just a few examples for her commitment to breaking barriers. She continues to exemplify change as a survivor of sexual violence and emotional psychological abuse. 


Not only does her systematic and programmatic strategies exemplify her demand for critical change and awareness of domestic violence, but the savvy entrepreneur brands her creative outlook on providing classy footwear that will transform your body language and attitude.


Markita Weston currently resides in Milwaukee, WI with her husband, Corvin  and three beautiful girls Teryal Dinkins, Caitlyn Weston and Calei Weston.    

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"I believe all women deserve a fighting chance at being their best selves. Sometimes it takes a little reassurance, confidence and resources to provide the most adequate support."

                                                   - Founder/CEO, Markita Weston

Our Mission

Breaking Barriers, LLC mission is to provide essential services and resources to women who have been affected by domestic violence. These essential services are to help by identifying and protecting their value, igniting their passion to seek healing and cultivating a sense of trust, compassion within self, family and community.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Breaking Barriers for Women, LLC vision is to create stability and sustainability in the lives of women to nurture their purpose and attain an adequate quality of life.

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